The Time to Buy or Sell a Rolex is Now

If you are waiting for a sign to buy or sell a new or previously-owned Rolex, here it is: Rolex watches are selling at record high prices in 2021.This applies to the newest models unveiled in 2021 to older models being resold.

Buying a Rolex model watch from an authorized dealer, or selling one that you own to make some cash, are both smart financial moves right now, with experts saying Rolex watch buying and selling is an even smarter approach to investing than putting money in the stock market right now.

The valuations of Rolex watches are not small increases, either. They show significant returns, even for those purchased in recent months.

A great example of this is the 36 mm Rolex Explorer Oystersteell that was just introduced to the market in April, 2021. It came with a retail listing price of $6,450 but has already reached a value of $10,000+ and is rising, according to watch retail watchdog site Robb Report.

The site also reports that the new Rolex Explorer II retails at $8,550 is the “most elusive” on the market right now, with resellers paying up to 30 percent more than that and then selling it quickly for even more.

The 2021 Rolex Datejust line is also performing well. The steel Datejust 36 with the palm frond dial retails at $7,050 and is selling for more than double that on many popular watch reseller sites. The two-tone Datejust 36 in Oystersteel and yellow gold has a retail value of $11,050 but is selling for $3,000 to $6,000 more than that on reseller sites.

Models introduced in 2020 are also fetching high prices, like that $8,100 Submariner, which is valued between $12,000 and $14,000, according to Chrono24 calculations.

With skyrocketing values like these, the secondary market for buying and selling Rolex watches is hotter than ever, with some experts saying prices are up nearly 30 percent nearly across the board on all Rolex models, including ladies models.

To put it simply, nearly every Rolex model that has been introduced in 2021 is selling above retail. This has a trickle down effect, with older models seeing a spike in their value, too. For those who have been waiting to sell theirs, this is a smart moment to do so. For those interested in buying a Rolex — either brand new or through a reseller — the timing is also good because prices continue to rise.

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